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Publish-date-icon December 27, 2009
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the dark angels followers
watch us like they cant wait to stick the devils fork in us
but were all aware now
and now there's more of us so while there asleep
picture me performing rituals to empower the weak
call me what u want
call me the boss all of all criminals
in my eyes im the light that guides the lost individuals
throw your middle fingers up
offend those fools
when it comes to the law and shit
i bend those rules
what!! you cant tell me nothing!!
i got everything i need you cant sell me nothing!!
i got the Prophets on my side yea my angels told me
elo in my soul so you they cant control me
got the strally in my coat in case they provoke me
im ready to retaliate that's no joke g
if you knew what i know you would laugh a little and weep a lot
your lucky im not far from civil.

sometimes i get the feeling that you too weak to follow
if that's true then that's cheap like having no p to borrow
or perhaps your just snakey
cant stand the fact that everyone you know rates me
ha ha!!!!!!
same way im laughing my face off
your still building your plain
im about to take off
cant afford me anymore im expensive now suttn like doing business with fake cops
im moving like space rocks
far from them bate spots
far from them bate peeps
especially after this age forget getting caught with 8 blocks
or a crate of weed
id rater eat cheap stakes till im obese
get on that weigh watch or even worst go under the knife
do a documentary about my life and have the media to pay for the cost
told you ima hustler from day dot
im even selling tools that brake locks

take a the look at the world around you
take a look at the world around me
tell me what you see because i see
nothing but devils tryna get inside me

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